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AQA Practice Paper | Paper 1 - Epsilon | Teacher Issue | GCSE Physics

AQA Practice Paper | Paper 1 - Epsilon | Teacher Issue | GCSE Physics

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AQA Physics Paper 1 (Higher) covers topics including energy, electricity, the particle model, gases and atomic structure for Triple Science / Separate Physics.

I've created this Practice Paper which is as similar to a real exam paper as possible.

Epsilon is the fifth of six versions of this paper that I have created for students to use while revising. Between them, they cover all the main topics that may come up in real AQA exams - ideal for students preparing for AQA Physics (8463) Paper 1 (Higher) exams.

Is it designed for students aiming for a Grade 7-9. More information about this can be found here:

In addition to the questions, it comes with a full mark scheme and my hand written worked solutions showing how similar questions can be approached should they come up in a real exam.

  • Question Paper
  • Mark Scheme
  • Worked Solutions

This product is a digital download (not a physical product) you can download as soon as you've purchased it. This means you can print off a copy to work through or view on your phone, tablet or laptop as you're revising.

Students with a Premium Plan or access to a School Subscription at can also access an exclusive video where I work through my solutions to this paper and pass on extra exam tips.

This version of the paper is for teachers or schools to purchase for use in schools. This can be shared with all your students and is a one-off purchase.

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